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Adjustable Cable Security Combination Lock


Are you in need of an efficient and secure way to protect your belongings? Look no further than the Adjustable Cable Security Combination Lock. With its adjustable cable and 3 digit combination lock, this device provides maximum safety for whatever items you want to keep safe. Boasting a retractable cable length of 70 mm and a diameter of 58 mm, it is designed with steel wire for exemplary durability. Its convenient push button retraction also helps users easily recede the cable when needed. Additionally, the black ABS plastic coating prevents scratches and dents from damaging the lock's exterior. Perfect for keeping bicycles, skis, lockers, cabinets, and more locked with ease, the Adjustable Cable Security Combination Lock is suited for any scenerio where added security is required. Trust in its dependability today!






Retractable Cable Length - 70 mmDiameter - 58 mmCombination Lock - 3 digit


How it works:

1. Open the combination lock by choosing a 3 digit combination code.2. Extend and lock the cable around the item you wish to store.3. Push the release button to retract the cable.



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